Rayburn Range Cookers

Rayburn Range Cookers have been the centerpiece of many a British kitchen since the 1950’s. Reliability, flexibility and iconic design are just a few of the reasons for Rayburn’s enduring success.

Not only does a Rayburn cooker deliver fantastically cooked food and warmth, but it can also provide hot water and central heating.

Rayburn in Olivine with doors open

The Rayburn Series

The Rayburn Heatranger.

The Oil and HVO Rayburn.

The Rayburn Ranger.

The brand new all Electric Rayburn.

The Rayburn 300 Series.

The 300 Series is only available in oil.

The Rayburn 400 Series.

Designed to fit seamlessly into a modern kitchen, the 400 Series is 600mm high. It has two ovens, large hotplate and a number of fuel, hot water and boiler options.

The Rayburn 600 Series.

Boasting the largest ovens in the Rayburn range, a generous hotplate and a wide range of hot water and boiler options, the 600 Series runs exclusively on oil.

Experience a real Rayburn.

We have a wide collection of models on display in our showroom. Many of these are live working appliances set in kitchen environments so you can really explore what a Rayburn has to offer and discuss the options with our experts. Call us on 01837 680068 to arrange a personalised appointment. Alternatively browse the range below.

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Showing all 5 results

Showing all 5 results


How to choose a Rayburn

One of the first considerations will be the fuel you want your Rayburn to run on. You can then decide on whether you want your Rayburn to provide constant hot water and run your central heating system – or as a stand alone cooker and ambient heat source.

Rayburn’s that run on Oil or HVO.

The Rayburn Heatranger can be run on oil or HVO.

All Electric Rayburns.

The Rayburn Ranger runs on Electricity only.

Rayburn’s that run on Oil.

The 300, 400 and 600 Series of Rayburn’s can be fuelled using domestic kerosene oil. They also have options to produce hot water or run your central heating system.

Natural Gas & LPG Rayburns.

The 400 Series of Rayburns can run on Natural Gas and LPG. They can also come with a Condensing Boiler to produce hot water and power central heating system.


Rayburn 400 Series

A full range of possibilities.

Rayburns are available in four distinct models, each offering a range of options and configurations, these include:

• 15 exciting colours and a range of sizes to suit your home, cooking and heating needs

• Fuel types, including Natural Gas, LPG, Oil or HVO and Electric only.

• Cooking only or boiler options that can provide hot water or power your central heating system

Introducing Olivine.

Green is high on the trends agenda – from soft sage hues through to verdant forest shades – and among the most popular colours is olive.

Over the past year many of us have embraced nature and the great outdoors more than ever before and perhaps it’s unsurprising then that we want to bring that sense of calm and balance into our homes by choosing to use green in our décor schemes. 

Olivine – the new colourway for Rayburn range cookers – is truly versatile, meaning it will go with a whole host of shades, including pinks and bright reds, natural wood (from the lightest of oak to the darkest mahogany) as well as other greens and neutral shades such as creams, whites and greys. 

While olive is one of the top interiors colours for 2022, it is also timeless, meaning a cooker installed today in this shade will look fantastic for years to come. 



introduction to the Rayburn

Cooking on a Rayburn.

If you’d like to see a Rayburn in action, please visit our showroom and our experienced team can show you all the advantages and discuss the various options available.

Alternatively you can watch David Pengelly cooking various dishes on our video page here.