Rayburn Videos

David Pengelly visits Rangemoors and shows us how to get the best from a Rayburn.

Due to the Covid-19 situation we’ve missed not being able to invite chefs and customers to enjoy cookery demonstrations at our showroom. However, David Pengelly visited our showroom, put on his apron and cooked some of his favourite dishes. Below are five videos which we hope you will enjoy.


Introducing the Classic Rayburn.

David Introduces the Rayburn and explains why it’s such a versatile cooker.

introduction to the Rayburn


Sizzling Rayburn Stir-fry!

David shows us how to cook a delicious stir-fry on the hottest hob of the Rayburn.

Rayburn Stir Fry


The Rayburn Bread & Breakfast.

David demonstrates how to make a hearty breakfast and bread rolls in the roasting oven of the Rayburn.

Rayburn Bread & Breakfast


Quiche Rayburn.

David cooks a delicious quiche using the bottom shelf of the Rayburn roasting oven for a crisp base and perfectly cooked filling.

Quiche Rayburn


The Rayburn Hobs and Simmering Oven.

David Pengelly demonstrates how to use the Hobs and Simmering Oven of the Rayburn. Ideal for vegetables, rice or any dish that requires a long slow cook.

Rayburn Simmering Oven