Everhot Stoves

Everhot electric stoves are hand built in a carbon negative factory in the Cotswolds. Combining energy-efficient engineering with British craftmanship for over 40 years. Everhot’s heat storage range cooker expertise has been packed into the elegant little electric stoves.

Featuring a 1.5kW heating element with a cast iron door and beautifully crafted top heat vent. Unlike wood-burning stoves, Everhot stoves and heaters do not require a flue or a hearth. They can also be plugged into a standard 13amp plug socket.

The stove model conceals a 20 litre oven which can reach up to 200ºC. Once you switch it on heat will be pushed out of the vent almost straight away. The stove will take around 30 minutes to get up to temperature and continue to radiate heat long after it is switched off. Both the Heater and Stove models are available in 21 stunning colours.

To view a live, working display version of this product please visit our Winkleigh showroom.

Currently not on display in Exeter or at West Country Stoves.

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Please note, Rangemoors are not an authorised retailer for Everhot Range Cookers. For more information on the full range of Everhot products, please visit the Everhot website here.