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Morso S11-40 Multifuel Convector Stove

The Morso S11-40 is a convection stove of elegant design. The front of the stove has a gently curving door and glass which gives a striking view of the flames. Inside the stove you have all the technology you would expect from a modern Morso stove including; Airwash, Secondary Air and Tertiary Air. All this means it is DEFRA approved and boasts a nett efficiency of 83%.

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Convector Stove advantages.

The key advantage of the Morso S11 convector stove is how it generates and delivers heat to the room.

It’s ‘double skinned’. That means there’s a inner steel firebox, a gap and then another steel outer casing.

Inlets at the bottom of the stove draw cooler air into the casing which is then warmed and released through the top vents back into the room.

And the process repeats, drawing any cooler air constantly from the room and converting it to warm air.

This system creates a more ‘even’ ambient warmth than a traditional stove where the heat is more directional.

Added to this, the extra steel casing allows the S11 to sit closer to combustibles making it ideal for installation into areas where space is restricted.

Wood and Multifuel.

This stove benefits from being able to burn wood and multi fuels equally well. Traditional logs are burnt by drawing air from the top of the stove. Multi fuels draw air from below.

In order to switch between the two – the S11 uses this simple slider. For burning wood you slide the lever to the right for more output. When using multi-fuels you slide the lever to the left. In the centre position the stove ticks over.

Build quality.

The door is opened and closed effortlessly using this stainless steel lever which points away from the heat to help it stay cool. Inside you can really see the quality of construction. For example, the curved ash pan mirrors the door and sits perfectly flush. The door has a spring loaded mechanism which gentle returns the door to the closed position for added security.

There are several options for this stove. It comes with either legs or base options which raise the height of the stove. It can also be wall mounted. The S11 produces an output of 4KW. This makes it a great choice for smaller rooms or as secondary heating source for larger areas when you want to add warmth and atmosphere quickly.

The S11-40 has a 100mm base.

Morso S11 40 Multifuel Convector Stove low base

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