RB73 Quercus Outdoor Stove


CorTen steel wood burning stove with additional oven.

This RB73 outdoor fireplace has a solid and tough appearance thanks to 6mm steel sight parts.

The oven has a pizza stone base but is capable of cooking bread as well as many other dishes.

Concrete base and back stones line the firebox for extra heat retention.

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The RB73 Quercus Outdoor Stove

The Quercus fireplace is a three-sided glass stove with top oven. RB73 CorTen steel wood burning stoves are handmade in Holland by professionals with a passion for fire. CorTen relates to this type of steel’s two main properties, corrosion resistance and tensile strength. The rust-like, weathered look of the RB73 Quercus outdoor stove gives it a tough and solid appearance, while offering warmth and atmosphere to your outdoor living space. The strong 3mm CorTen steel is weather resistant which means you can place it outdoors and be safe in the knowledge that it can be left there.

Designed as a cook stove, the firebox bas and back of the stove are lined with concrete stones for added heat retention. The base of the oven is a pizza stone. Perfect for making tasty pizzas or all types of bread. It is also versatile enough to be used for many other types of dishes. The top plate of the stove will also get plenty hot enough to fry food or boil a kettle. You can also place certain cookware straight into the firebox to add another cooking option. The legs are fitted with four stainless steel bolts to level the fire.

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Efficient Closed Combustion

Unlike a fire pit or outdoor fireplace with an open fire, RB73 fires have a closed combustion system allowing for higher combustion temperatures. The ceramic glass offers a great view of the flames while also providing a cleaner burn and higher efficiency levels. So, you can gather around the RB73 Quercus outdoor stove with your friends and family while keeping warm and get more for your money from the wood you are burning.

Model Options and Extras

The Quercus model is available in either an unrusted black finish or a rusted finish. If you purchase an unrusted model then the weather will naturally take effect on your stove over the space of up to six months to give you the weathered finish. As the rusting process is different on every appliance, each stove has its own unique qualities. Optional extras include additional flue pipe, a stainless steel spark catcher, CorTen heatshield and a decorative floor plate.

The only RB73 outdoor stove fitted with an oven.

View our full range of RB73 outdoor stoves here. You can also find out more information on the Quercus outdoor stove by visiting the manufacturer’s website here.

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3mm CorTen Steel

Flue Outlet

6" (150mm)

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