Give your home a heart with an Esse Stove

ESSE stoves have been at the warm heart of the home for more than 160 years. This established UK brand offers charm, reliability and efficiency as well as extensive choice. While heating trends may have evolved since ESSE produced their first stove in 1854, the soothing glow and comforting warmth of natural flame remains the cosiest source of home heating, and ESSE keeps this concept at their heart.

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Rangemoors commitment to the Environment


At Rangemoors and Hearth & Cook we care about the environment in which we live, and that which we share globally. That’s why we fully endorse our suppliers’ commitment to offer customers stoves that meet or exceed all the current UK and European standards on emissions. We’re proud to supply our customers with the very best appliances that will bring warmth and comfort to your home for many years to come, without costing the earth.

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In recognition of the incredible life and fund raising of Stephen Sutton, the Rangemoors team came together to show their support for this inspirational young man. The symbolic thumbs up gesture became synonymous with his fundraising efforts.